January, 2015… I sit and hold my little rainbow calendar in my hands and lovingly scan the months ahead pausing on September 2.  This is the date of my 75th birthday, yet I am already celebrating the pure joy of being alive RIGHT NOW, of celebrating each moment as a gift to unwrap…the universe responds to my joyous vows with elegant specificity.

I feel like Ralph Story, a beloved journalist from Los Angeles who shared his views and knowledge of events that unfolded from the 50’s to the 90’s. He had a show called “Things that aren’t there anymore”. I bring him up because that is what I was feeling at the end of 2014.  Mostly the loss of publications like Creative Thought Magazine, my One Spirit Book of Days, the special Wall Rainbow calendar. I had become accustomed to their presence in my life.

I have found, and am now using, other sources for support.  With some logistical changes, I begin with an expanded focus. I have taken a bit more time to compose this year’s word/words, taken a slightly different tack, found the wind to fill my spiritual sails with slightly altered directions. What do you know!  My ship is easing out of the harbor of status quo and is now beginning to dance and strain to get going.

This new year, full of possibilities, stretches out before me beckoning to new horizons.  Enthusiasm (a nod to Foster Hibbard – look him up) excitement, expectancy accompany me on my continuing journey. What adventures await.