Welcome Home!

Welcome to our new and improved website. Our new office is at 2183 Fairview Road, Suite 108, Costa Mesa, CA, 92627. Our phone number is 949-645-9050 and we are happily humming along. I have included a few of pictures to give you an idea of our joyous space. Laurie and I also thank all our wonderful practice members/patients for their patience and acceptance during this time. As I have often said, I do not plan on retiring from practice.

In returning to solo practice, I am re-instituting activities and events that are a vital part of our philosophy of total wellness. We are greater than the sum of our parts and it is my belief that addressing ALL aspects of total health include physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of each individual. Let us travel together in peace, love and joy.

I created a Patient Manifesto for my own healing journey and commit to each of you

  1. To be fully present when you are with me
  2. To treat you with respect and dignity.
  3. To listen fully to your concerns and needs.
  4. To acknowledge that, as a unique individual, you experience your life as a one-of-a-kind event. I will use all my knowledge and experience to address your specific needs and If I am unable to do so, to find resources that do.
  5. To “start where you are” and assist you in achieving your goals.
  6. To encourage laughter as part of healing and dealing with life.

I have always said that January is not a time to begin/start new projects, but rather, to bring to a gentle conclusion the previous year. Take time to reflect and close the previous year with awareness of your own place in the greater scheme of things. Take time to write down some specific and general intentions you wish to accomplish in the year/years to come and then begin on February 1st. Take the pressure off yourself, take time to be in nature, find moments of stillness, practice kindness to others and yourself. In the months to come we are creating a new Spinal Column on this web site. If you would like to receive it or not, let us know.

We are in the office Tuesday and Thursday 8-12 and 3-6, Friday/Saturday, either 8-11 and 3-5 and closed Saturday, or Friday 8-12 and open Saturday 8:30 to 11:00 am. We work 2 Saturdays a month.

Laurie and I look forward to a healthy, full, successful year for all of us.

Love, Dr. Carol